Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

All Levels Yoga Flow

A 60 minute class for those who enjoy yoga at all levels - from beginner to advanced, we have a space for you. This yoga flow allows you to strengthen your body and cleanse your mind while seamlessly moving through each pose. A longer class format allows more time to engage with your intention, feel present on your mat and customize the class to what you need at that moment. We will enjoy a longer cool down and leave class feeling light and grounded.

What to expect: customizable flow, juicy cool down, grounding energy, strength, intention setting, aromatherapy

Power Flow

A 60 minute yoga class that will allow you to connect to yourself, your breath and your intention while seamlessly flowing through each pose. We will take you through a consistent flow that allows you to be present on your mat and strong in your body. Power Flow is available to all levels, but is targeted to those with intermediate to advanced yoga experience. Each student will leave this class feeling powerful and grounded.

What to expect: sweat, strength, intention setting, aromatherapy, energetic release


In this 60 minute combo class, you will experience all of the stamina building, sweat inducing benefits of 30 minutes of HIIT followed by 30 minutes of deep stretching and grounded intention setting. Whether you’re enjoying this class as a transition into a full 60 minute class or you’re just wanting to experience the best of both worlds, this combo class will empower and inspire you.

What to expect: increased heart rate, lots of sweat, strength training, deep stretching, recovery

Vibration Flow

Vibrational Flow is a 60 min class that combines the healing power of sound with the flow of yoga for deep relaxation, restoration and peace. This style of yoga relaxes the nervous system and brings the body into a deep state of renewal. This practice originated in India from Akhanda Raja Yoga and combines humming bee breath with simple yoga postures. Rather than a high intensity yoga flow, this meditative style facilitates a flow of energy and relaxation through the body and mind. Vibration Flow is accessible to all levels and the perfect complement to an active life. This is the ideal balance for intense exercise such as Vinyasa, power yoga, HIIT and intensity and stress from a busy life.

What to expect: longer holds, intention setting, deep relaxation, recovery

Full Body HIIT (Coming Soon)

A 60 minute full body workout that will get your blood pumping while clearing your mind and deepening your connection to your heart. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and consists of short, intense bursts of activity followed by quick rest periods and can be done without the use of equipment, making it extremely efficient, effective and sanitary (no sweaty shared equipment). HIIT has been said to increase your natural rate of caloric burn for up to 72 hours after your workout, while improving your cardiovascular stamina and stimulating the release of endorphins. This intense moving meditation will strengthen your body, calm your mind and recharge your soul.

What to expect: increased heart rate, lots of sweat, strength training, connection, happy chemicals


Slow Flow

A 60 minute yoga class that focuses on restoring muscles and releasing tension. You won’t break a sweat here, but rather experience deep stretching and longer holds. Perfect for beginners, athletes or anybody who needs a little extra TLC.

What to expect: longer holds, intention setting, aromatherapy, deep relaxation